OrbitView : A Viewer/Controller for the Logitech Quickcam Orbit in Linux
Quickcam Orbit Description
The Quickcam Orbit is a pan-tilt web camera made by Logitech. Shown is a picture of the Orbit resting in its base and with an 'extender' that raises the camera head approximately 6 inches from the base.

The orbit can capture video at 640x480 pixels (15hz) and 320x240 pixels (30hz). The pan range is 128 degrees and the tilt range is 54 degrees. No rotational velocity is given by Logitech but I estimate it at approximately 100 degrees per second, or about one second to go from one pan extreme to the other. The rotation is relatively quiet (compared to the Trackerpod).

There is an open-source linux driver for the Orbit known as PWC. The open-source part of the driver allows the Orbit to do 320x240x15hz and pan-tilt. To get 320x240x30hz and 640x480x15hz you will have to use a binary only module known as PWCX that handles image compression over the USB bus.

OrbitView Description
OrbitView is an open-source program written in C that runs under Linux. It allows you to set many of the parameters of the camera (including pan/tilt) from the command line. The program also allows you to go into an interactive XWindows mode that displays the camera output (only on a 24-bit display) and uses mouse clicks on the image to recenter the image through the pan-tilt mechanism.

Software OrbitView : Release 01/2004